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The criminal, civil and administrative jurisdiction of the russian federation shall apply to foreign ships and passengers and crew members on board such ships while the ships are in the seaports. We might think of the federation as the good guys, but thats whats so unique about the series. Federation starship construction vintage starships minimum maximum ship class weight weight i 1,000 5,000 ii 5,000 15,000 iii 15,000 25,000 iv 25,000 40,000. We assume that other federation starships have had histories as illustrious as that of the. Federation starship classes star trek expanded universe. List of klingon battles from 2248 2400 under construction. We have also included a picture of the ship in service. I am fully aware that there are a lot of format issues things in various point. Gamefront is advertfree, without speed caps or download limits. Federation merchant ships are found almost everywhere during peacetime and the neutral zones between the federation and its neighbors abound with federation colonies. Charlie x was a passenger on this ship see sirius listing for more information. This one focuses on starship drydocks and several classes of tmpera starships.

The uss altair was an experimental federation starship in the late 24th century. The starship troopers film adaptation uses the united citizen federation in its place. It was this design flaw that kept the altair from going into fullscale production. Ships of the line at some point in the late 2360s or early 2370s decade, the altair rendezvoused with. The following 200 pages are in this category, out of 235. Federal act on the internal maritime waters, territorial. This represents the upper limit of federation starship structural design and the ability of the structural integrity and inertial dampening fields to. Every attempt has been made to keep this list uptodate. The following issues reported for the original printing of the federation master star ship book have been corrected in this edition. The class, however, is named after a legendary earth figure, again showing the powerful influence of the ufp naming committee. Released star trek rpg products, the rules of gqlf, enhancements. The earth alliance was founded in 2085 by the countries of australia, the united kingdom, canada, ireland.

The albedo was constructed at the sol iv and salazaar facilities. The name will be given to the lead ship in the new space control ship program, which is already on the drawing boards. The starship can vanish from sensors and visible sight. Detecting a cloaked vessel requires very specialized equipment not. Memory beta, noncanon star trek wiki is a fandom books community. Star fleetstar fleet advanced starship design bureau.

The terran federation is the fictional global government of earth and her space colonies in robert a. The federation flag and seal are updated to mark the 150th anniversary of the federation charter. The following is a list of starship classes employed by the federation. Master chart of ncc numbers and ships names, including fasa vessels. Klingon starships, romulan starships, cardassian starships, ferengi starships, borg starships, dominion starships, maquis starships, and a file on various starships and bases belonging to various other races, from kazon ships to the fesarius to.

The starfleet museum starfleet ships of the late 22nd century. Since its founding, star fleet has created dozens of unique ship deisgn to help support explorer, colonists, researchers and defenders of the federation and its allies. Gear up and take on the worst enemies of the federation. It covers the third most powerful of the three great trek superpowers of the kirk era the other two being the klingons and the federation. United citizen federation starship troopers wiki fandom. Actd advanced starship design bureau federation fleet. Uss altair prototype memory beta, noncanon star trek. The most famous starfleet ship is possibly the nc1701 model of the uss enterprise.

It was designed to be highly maneuverable at warp speeds, but suffered from unacceptably low power efficiency. This is distinct from a ship type, in both the game mechanics sense and the inuniverse sense, which reflects a similarity of. These have not been updated or edited from the original publication, and are provided for reference and player convenience. Starfleets charter is to protect the federation from threat forces both outside and within its borders. Three federation starships you might not have heard of. The largest star trek publication ever is almost impossible. Fandom may earn an affiliate commission on sales made from links on this page. Although starfleet inherited more than 100 warships from the militaries of federation members, starships of an entirely new design lineage were developed in its first decade. For an overview of nonplayable starships within star trek online, see the nonplayable starship article.

The heavy cruiser excelsior ncc1718 is lost while on a longrange reconnaissance mission outside of federation territory. As it has been since the 150th issue, ships of the star fleet is broken up into six separate sections. The main change to the website is the addition of the paypal buttons for each item. The magazine jaeger claims the akiraclass has 15 torpedo launchers. The good guy and bad guy dynamic can be nuanced, with characters questioning morality and ethics of every decision by each federation captain. Weve replaced the pdf files for the federation master starship book. There has been a trend in recent years toward building battlewagons, i. Star trek starship tactical combat simulator rules pdf. The original series producers gene roddenberry and robert justman a world war ii navy veteran himself had imbued starfleet with the making of star trek, p. Heinlein s 1959 science fiction novel starship troopers.

While all starships can carry some gear per crew member, along with standard stores, those with a cargo hold can carry a much greater quantity. This comprehensive study discloses all known combat, visual, and historical data on 42 different federation ships and their variants. The federation maintains a diverse multirole fleet comprised of various classes of vessel. Special thanks to reverend, raul quiles and sven lindemann back to starship gallery index. All ship statistics where made using the star trek roleplaying game book 2. Lets get you the federation master starship book so you can look it up. Passages in the book give some details on how the terran federation originated. This is a free download database with nearly 50 files with a total of over 500 pages of data for. Welcome to my website, please excuse the construction going during this time.

Qefani, and whats out therestar trek rpg resources. The first volume in the longanticipated master starship book series is now available. Star trek technical manuals are a number of both official and fanproduced works detailing the technology of the fictional star trek universe. Line of battle 9 battleship cards 2008 5308 special battle map pack planets and asteriods, has both 1. May 31, 2018 it may be hard to recall with how easy it is to search for anything now, but when star trek was in its heyday, finding comprehensive reference material for the series usually meant forking out some cash. Star trek ship construction manual pdf star trek ship construction manual pdf the first is an expansion of the orion starship recgonition manual this lengthy pdf is our nearlyfinish set of tables and data for constructing star trek spacedock ship recognition manual pdf. Model number mk i mk ii ship class ix ix date entering service 2249 2257 number constructed 16 8 hull data.

Federation starship recognition manual and star trek. At each new rank between level 10 and level 40, players are given a free. This is the first time that starfleet is able to get the proverbial goods on an new klingon starship class just as it is about to enter service. They are listed here only to highlight what changes were made between the two printings. The most famous nxclass ship, enterprise, underwent a refit in 2159 after its near destruction at galorndon core. Because of the strong connotations with the real world united states navy, star trek. Star fleets role in the expansion and defense of the federation has changed little in over 180 years. The federation is a veteranled, republicstyle parliamentary system of government based in geneva, switzerland and ruled by the authority of the federal council in all matters except those.

Phasers fired in ads mode may shoot once at 12mu or twice at 6mu. Star trek starship tactical combat simulator rules pdf star trek. In addition, the starship development project logo where known for each class is on the. If you enjoy gamefront, please consider supporting us on patreon. Fasa federation srm counters 2nd edition manual pdf. Potential starship customers can use this guide as a resource for preliminary payload accommodations information. Starfleet division basic overview and breakdown of major starfleet starship classes note. It includes every federation ship in star fleet battles, including xships, yships, and r1 units that are specific to the federation. Beyond the final frontier coda star trek rpg support. Federation 21612230 starship construction charts fasa.

Cadet training handbook available take a seat in the captains chair. Starship tactical combat simulator was a game published by fasa. It has been a little over a year since the defeat of the dominion and their breen and cardassian allies. Even the advent of fan sites mostly meant a patchwork of info, some canon and some just made up, and tiny images. Starship recognition manual 1 federation starship recognition. Schematic side views and technical specs are included where available. This category contains all starships usable by starfleet players.

The federation ship recognition manual is intended for star fleet personnel with a need to know concerning information on the star fleet vessels. Jun 02, 2017 spacedock takes a brief look at three federation starships that might have escaped your notice. Star trek associated links starship schematics database. Some know these ships from command deck to engineering room, and these are just a small sampling of the most popular star trek federation ships out there. The new designs were mostly derived from earthbased engineering principles but also incorporated elements of vulcan and andorian design.

Churchill class starships are often sent into such situations to keep both sides of the conflict at bay until a diplomatic solution can be found. Federation 21612230 starship construction charts fasa star. This is the initial release of the starship users guide. The uss khai tam technical orientation manual is your complete guide to the galaxys first jointly designed federation klingon starship. Top a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z. Churchillclass starships have served starfleet in maintaining the federation s security and often serve as the federation s might when two or more of its members threaten to enter into warfare. Star trek the next generation technical manual star trek the.

Janes fighting starships the united federation of planets a fleet book for the star trek universe credits and thanks original full thrust designed and written by. For a little while this site will be a work in progress. From propulsion and weapon systems to auxiliary craft and crew resources, this book takes your straight into the workings of a starship designed to explore and defend the deepest reaches of federation space. Ship classes a ship class is a group of ships of a similar design, developed and massproduced by fleet shipyards to fill the needs of the government producing them. This is distinct from a ship type, in both the game mechanics sense and the inuniverse sense, which reflects a similarity of intended use. Ill be posting 11 different threads, based on government and era with one thread being my miscellaneous file.

Starship has the capability to transport satellites, payloads, crew, and cargo to a variety of orbits and earth, lunar, or martian landing sites. Franz joseph designs, authors of the star fleet technical manual. After more than 50 years of love for all things star trek, ships, classes, and the star systems themselves have been memorized, mapped, and methodically categorized by obsessed fans. However, by design, the class was still inf erior to the dreadnoughts and battleships of other neighbouring powers. What youll find on this site are ebooks in pdf format containing data and schematics on various vessels from the star trek series and movies, culled and. Jackill sfrm volume 1 counters 1st edition manual pdf. This category has the following 2 subcategories, out of 2 total. The publishers of the 190 th edition of ships of the star fleet are indebted to the members of team kempo and team neko for their assistance in both the compilation of data and layout duties. An excel spreadsheet that allows the quick construction of a single vessel with up to 4 variants. The publishers also wish to thank admiral alex rosenzweig of the department of technical services for providing needed technical information.

The greatest collection of ships, bridges, maps and modifications for this epic starship bridge simulation game. By the end of the conflict, only two out of seven nxs had survived. As you continue through the handbook, the mysteries of the romulan cloaking. The baseris equipped with small civilian starfleet vessels. Up to 45 civilians the bader class scout was designed and constructed by aalakor landiss inc, an andorian shipyard. Enter the name or part of a name of a ship to search for.

The database lists all canon starships and other spaceborne constructions of the star trek universe by races and classes. Well, it took me all of 9 days from purchase of the starship supplement to finish converting all of my ships from narrators guide to starships. Since then many new sections have been created while still only using canon from tv series, movies, and official publications. Earth ship classes pre federation prior to 2161 21st century earth history thoughts about early interplanetary travel, the eugenics wars and the third world war. The new flagship of the federation the galaxy class starship is featured in star trek the next generation series. The top sustainable speed for most federation star ships is warp 17. The federation operated numerous varieties of starships.

Special thanks to reverend, raul quiles and sven lindemann. Playable starships in star trek online are as much a part of a players avatar as their captain players are granted ships by starfleet, the klingon defense force, or the romulan republic as they progress in rank. Churchillclass starships have served starfleet in maintaining the federations security and often serve as the federations might when two or more of its members threaten to enter into warfare. In the 2260s, the antares was commanded by captain ramart, under whom served his. Though the federation alliance proved victorious, the cost was staggering with star. The cadet training handbook places you in the command chair of the federation starship constellation where you will learn the skills of a starship commander in easytomanage steps. I first obtained my copy of the romulan book via mail order in 1989, and from the outset it seemed clear to me that the romulan manual was. The romulan ship recognition manual was the last of the recognition manuals to be produced by fasa. Community content is available under ccbysa unless otherwise noted.

Those ships which originate from other sources, such as the fasa tng officers manual, or stardate magazines jaynz files, have been designated accordingly. Ex astris scientia starship gallery prefederation earth. Star trek associated links this is a list of the various internet sources i have accumulated for starship designs. While the prime directive was observed aboard starfleet vessels, this was not true of civilian ships. While there are a number of threats to the federation, from. The majority of them can be flown by romulan and dominion allies. Nxclass starships served as the flagships for starfleet commands joint task forces throughout the earthromulan war. Franz joseph schnaubelt published the original star fleet technical manual in 1975. From the bonaventure to the phoenix everchanging ideas of the first warp ship. The names and registries of the akira, rabin, and spector come from the star trek fact files. The united citizen federation, also referred to as the terran federation, is the unified government of earth, all inhabited sol system planets as well as its associated colonies, territories and outposts. Uss challenger ncc71099 uss enterprise ncc1701d uss galaxy ncc70637 uss magellan uss odyssey ncc71832 uss venture ncc71854 uss trinculo ncc71867 uss yamato ncc71807 history. The federation starship datalink was created in 1998 as an online resource for starship information.

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