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E39m5performan shark injector performance software e39. With over 75 years of combined experience, bimmer performance center is raleighs premiere destination for bmw service. The design and problems are the same as in v10 s85. Bmw e39 e46 m3 m5 s54 s62 mss54 mss52 tuning software. Bmw s62, bmw motorsport version of the m62 v8 engine. In the case of the bmw 5 serie e39 530d 184hp engine, our chiptuning file is tailored for more power and torque, reduced fuel consumption, smoother acceleration and improved throttle response. I think the general consensus is that its not worth the hassle and potential for smoking an engine when there are other proven methods to gain hp on the s62. Ecu tuning bmw tuning software by epic motorsports. Stage 2 bmw e39 m5 supercharger kit race marque systems. We specialize in bmw dme ecu modifications and specifically tailor our services to enthusiasts. With countless revisions and updates being made through our race and forced induction program. S62 bmw e39 m5 performance software upgrade s62b50 mss52. With our engine tuning you can tap into your bmws power reserves and enjoy your engines potential on a whole new level.

Engine history, technical and tuning guide bmw m60 and m62 engines series. It is possible to lift the power of bmw m5 e39 in naturally aspirated variant without problems. By fine tuning these maps weve been able to improve the s62 engine beyond what bmw did by making more power. Mhd flasher is the first android handheld application to bring ecu tuning and monitoring to the bmw n54, n55, s55, b58 and n engine. S62 bmw e39 m5 performance software upgrade dudmd tuning. Dinantuned bmw power race engine dyno run s62 bmw v8. Engine tuning page 2 bimmerforums the ultimate bmw. With our standalone kit you can now easily swap an s54 or s62 engine into. Bmw m3 s54 m5 s62 engine transplant ecu modification e24, e30. Performance tuning for your bmw gives it more efficient and effective ecu mapping which favor power delivery over comfort.

The bmw s62 installed on m5 e39 and on z8 roadster. In addition to our own custom bimmerworld bmw software files, we also offer tuning by epic motorsports, speedbuster, jim conforti, shark injector, afe power, and aem. Ecs tuning baffled oil catch can mounting bracket kit universal fit. Due to the wide range of bmw models the s54 or s62 can be swapped into, you will need a wiring diagram for your car.

Romraider is a free, open source tuning suite created for viewing, logging and tuning of modern subaru engine control. Tuning the bmw s62b50 comprehensive guide to tuning the bmw s62b50 engine. Performance tune is an additional cost over the swap tuning. Ess naturally aspirated optimized ecu software is a result of 100s of dyno runs and exact calibration of all parameters to allow maximum performance gains with improved driveabilityfuel consumption and stock engine longevity. The stock ecu software will be saved and can easily be restored in the future. Ess normal aspiration optimized ecu software is a result of 100s of dyno runs and exact calibration of all parameters to allow maximum performance gains with improved driveabilityfuel consumption and stock engine longevity. S54 s62 standalone conversion, ews removal, optional wiring. Active autowerke e39 bmw m5 software tune more power for. In recent years dinan has further expanded its portfolio to include. The software also speeds up throttle response in the standard mode and improves throttle modulation in the sport mode.

Bimmer performance center bmw service engine, internal. Bmw s62b50 make awesome project engines and with the best modified modifications like remapping, turbo kits and camshafts you will certainly enhance your driving enjoyment. Shop our wide selection of bmw engine parts for your bmw e39 m5 s62 5. The n54 was the first bmw engine to market with these technologies, using individual twin turbos and piezostyle injectors, and although it was only used for a few model years before being replaced outside of special cases like the 1 series m coupe, 335is and z4 sdrive 35is, it has since become the choice for individuals intent on a high power. Bpm sport was created to provide the best ecu coding, tuning and performance engineering for the european car market. We have the state of the art body shop and top notch technicians to handle any importrelated service needs. Tuning the m60m62 how to put a bmw v8 engine in a ford capri. Accesstuner pro hl is engine tuning software created for professional tuning shops equipped with a chassis or engine dynamometer. For the new e39 m5 something altogether new was needed. But the s38 was by now an old engine whose roots went back to the late 1960s. Bmw e39 m5 v8 mss52 s62 tuning ews delete, sap delete, engine swaps, custom tuning. I believe the engine has hydraulic tappets but theyre of a different design to the m5 s62 engine so you would have to check if these become a limiting factor. Stage 2 the stage 2 bmw e39 m5 supercharger kit for the s62 is the result of years of research and development.

At bimmerforums, you will find technical howto information maintenance specifics audio advice wheel and tire combinations and model specific details not found anywhere else. One of the easiest and quickest ways to unleash more power from your bmw, porsche, mini and supra is through careful tuning of the factory software. Watch out also for the condition of cooling system and use the best gasoline, then s62 will satisfy you for many years. With our engine tuning you can tap into your bmw s power reserves and enjoy your engine s potential on a whole new level. Shark injector performance software e39 m5, e52 z8. Nevertheless, even bmw engines offer incredible power reserves and are far from their performance optimum in standard factory condition. With countless revisions and updates being made through our race and forced induction program we have been able to bring this upgrades to the street. You cant go wrong with a v8 and this pair have seen service in a wide range of bmws over the years. Click to read about the bmw m50m52 engine in the 325i328i tuning guide. Details about bmw m3 s54 m5 s62 engine transplant ecu modification e24, e30, e31, e34, e36 etc. The very highlight of the s62 engine is it exceptional torque at the low to mid engine speeds. Bmw s62 engine problems, engine oil, performance tuning.

The previous e34 m5 was a superb car, in its final form the 3. Evolve produced an 41 design which not only allows for more power at the higher rpms but also enhances the strong points of the s62 engine with almost 400 lb. Tune specification for mss54 mss54hp mss54 mss54hp with s54 engines recommended parts to be installed for models with s54 engines 16bhp to 25bhp dyno tested. Dinan built 600 horsepower s62 v8 tuned by apex speed technology swapped into e36 m coupe. E36 323328 through custom ecu tuning we are able to provide more usable horsepower and torque outputs by modifying bmws cam timing vanos and fuel and ignition maps. Home bmw e39 5series m5 ess eflash s62 ecu tuning software.

Our aim here is to look into s62b50 tuning and report on the ultimate modifications for your car. Although the ecu does not allow user tuning, you dont have to hire a tuner to. Romraider open source ecu tools romraider romraider. The most popular way to increase the power of bmw e92 m3 is buying the performance exhaust system like supersprint, replacing filters and a new ecu software. Tuning the m60m62 how to put a bmw v8 engine in a ford. Tuning file bmw 5 serie e39 530d 184hp my chiptuning files.

The largest major restriction point of the e39 m5 s62 v8 engine is the. I just wanted to share my s62 engine rebuild in my 2000 e39 m5. By optimising the torque curve the bmw 5 serie e39 530d 184hp engine produces more torque at lower rpm. One of the biggest improvements you can make to the engine is replacing the standard exhaust manifolds with a pair of high performance items. Bimmerforums is the preferred online bmw forum and community for bmw owners.

Maps can be locked to prevent tampering and unauthorized distribution. Stage 2 bmw e39 m5 supercharger kit gen iii system. Bimmerboost bmw performance forums, tuning, racing, parts. The s62b50 was the first v8 bmw motorsport m engine and, unlike previous m engines which were produced at garching, germany, the s62b50 engine was assembled at dingolfing. The compression on each cylinder was all inspec as well. Additionally we have perfected the s62 bmw e39 m5 v8 engine swap as well into both the e30 and e36 chassis. Software tuning is carried out via engine chips, diy flash software, plugin tuning modules, and even full standalone computers. All engine swaps are meant to be plug and play with no check engine lights.

Tuning foreign auto custom tuning body shop factory. Add power and performance with special software upgrades from recognized tuning leaders like apr. And because it eclipses the m6062, few people have gone to the effort of tuning the smaller units to the ultimate specification. Our engine tuning philosophy is to improve drivability and enjoyment.

You simply have to buy performance exhaust system, headers 421, carbon airbox. The software also removes the top speed governor, enabling the cars to attain their natural top speed. All this allowed to get nearly 5 liter capacity from ordinary 4. In recent years dinan has further expanded its portfolio to include other european marques such as mini and mercedes benz. Tuning and modification discussion for the m3, m5, m6, 5i, 335i, n54, n55, s62, s65, s85, n20, s50, s52. Active autowerke e39 bmw m5 performance tune active autowerkes engineers have spent countless amount of years fine tuning the e39 bmw m5 tuning software. S62 bmw e39 m5 performance software upgrade s62b50. Our services offer factory tooling for ferrari, lamborghini, mclaren, range rover and porsche plus other luxury makes.

The mhd flasher reveals the immense margin of power bmw left on the table with the n54, n55, s55, b58 and n motor, while still retaining the sophistication of the original engine management program. Our professionals are here to help make sure you find the answers you need to your questions and our community is here to help other. I have been lurking around your forums for a few years and have learned a lot from it. We offer both stage i and stage ii software, depending on your modifications. We are specialised in providing simple stage 1 to a complicated stage 3. We do not include technical assistance for installing an s54 or s62 engine in your car with the purchase of this kit.

This is a bmw tuning programming software for any e46 e39 m3 or m5 with a s54 s62 engines equipped with dme mss54 mss54hp and mss52. Due to the wide range of bmw models the s54 or s62 can be swapped into, you. Most bmw specific tuning companies focused on the more popular m3 6cyl engines and sold few parts for the v8s in europe. This means you can get software, which active, dinan, ecis, eurosport and.

Jp euro offers custom tuning in house and we are the only one in the dfw with this offer. Bmw may have achieved some impressive figures with the s62, but theres still plenty of room left for improvement. Our combined expertise ranging from it engineering, market analysis, to race proven cockpit experience, fuels our passion for cars. Dinan engine software safely raises the revlimit by 270 rpm, endowing your m5 with a broader power band and greater road speed in each gear. Active autowerke has been a bmw tuning leader for decades, offering software solutions for nearly all models and engines. In conjunction with the evolve software and intake system the s62 v8 will go. Unlike other shops, we focus only on bmws and utilize the same stateoftheart equipment that official bmw dealerships use. The dme will have to be sent to us in order for the dme to be updated with performance software. Bmw m3 s54 m5 s62 engine transplant ecu modification e24.

Bmw s65 engine reliability and problems, stroker, tuning. Redesigned to a new level of technology, the gen 3 system features the revolutionary g3 high torque intake manifold and charge air cooler. Gains 1025whp 1025wtq, depending on vehicle condition and wear. S62 long island bus s62 new york city bus serving staten island. Founded in 1979, dinan is well established as north americas premiere bmw tuner. The s62b50 was a high performance version of the m62 engine that was developed for the e39 m5 and e52 z8.

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